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Exhibitor News

DENSELIGHT Introduces The new SPECTRA-D FAMILY of DataComm Products with the 2.5G/DFB/1310nm product family

Singapore -- DENSELIGHT (a POET Technologies company), a leading provider of Indium Phosphide (InP) optical chips, components and subsystems for the fiber optic sensing, broadband and specialty lasers market
2016-9-3 14:54:08

Duma Optronics Ltd. Will Attend CIOE 2016 with the Latest Research and Products

Duma Optronics is a well-established growing company specializes in Electro-Optical and laser instrumentation.
2016-8-24 14:11:26

New Jitter Option for high-performance clock generator CLK20-3 from Luceo Technologies

The new Jitter option for the high-performance clock generator CLK20-3 offers sinusoidal jitter up to 17 UI (!) and covers a jitter frequency range from 1kHz to 80 MHz continuously.
2016-8-11 9:16:00

Gigalight presents 100G QSFP28 SR4 Optical Transceiver at CIOE 2016

Gigalight is a market innovator and application pioneer in the field of global optical network devices and optical interconnection.
2016-7-25 14:27:59

See Live Demonstrations of Mellanox’s 25G/50G/100G Interconnect suite at CIOE

Mellanox will be hosting live demonstrations of its new Ethernet-based 25G/50G/100G switches and network adapters.
2016-7-25 10:36:44