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Duma Optronics Ltd. Will Attend CIOE 2016 with the Latest Research and Products

Time:2016-08-24 14:11:26

Duma Optronics Ltd. 

Booth Number: 1A96-2


Duma Optronics Ltd. Will Attend CIOE 2016 with the Latest Research and Products

Duma Optronics is a well-established growing company specializes in Electro-Optical and laser instrumentation. Established late in 1989 and privately owned. Serving the optronics industry with innovative products. Currently employs 25 employees, most of them are engaged in R&D, and includes specialists in optical design, E-O systems, electronic signal processing and computerized imaging. Welcome to our booth #1A96-2.  

Duma Optronics offers a proprietary sensor technology, for laser beam profiling in the range of 190nm to 1600nm. BeamOn WSR is based on a sensor head without distorting coatings. High-sensitive device with USB2.0 interface, performs wide spectral range measurements including: beam profile, beam size, position and power.


(Duma Wide spectral range laser beam profiler)

We also have a unique large area beam profiler appropriate for large laser beams and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) analysis. Having a rectangular footprint with diagonal up to 60mm, for the spectral range of 350-1310nm, with power level measurement of up to 100W/cm2. 2D/3D plots of beam in real time, real time beam size and gausian fit. Pass/Fail analysis according to IEC60601-2-57 standard for IPL


(Duma IPL & Large Laser Beams beam profiler)

Our advanced high power laser beam analyzer for CW beams, up to 8KW. Based on a 7-blades measuring head, measuring beam size, power,BPP over up to 50mm range, M2 and depth of focus. Including an integral beam sampler, a moving stage 50mm range, amounting plate and air cooled beam dump.


(Duma  M2 High Power Beam Analysis)

Duma Optronics offers innovative optical laser measurement Telescope for angular analysis. Spectral response 350-1150nm, having a 100mm clear aperture with 1 uRad resolution. Analyzes angular directions and collimation of optical beams. Extremely accurate device with USB2.0 interface. 


(Duma Laser Analyzing Telescope (LAT) – New)