With 0 to CIOE 2019 Opening

See Live Demonstrations of Mellanox’s 25G/50G/100G Interconnect suite at CIOE

Time:2016-07-25 10:36:44

Mellanox Technologies

Booth Number: 1A06




Mellanox will be hosting live demonstrations of its new Ethernet-based 25G/50G/100G switches and network adapters, connected together via the LinkX interconnect product line consisting of DACs, AOCs and optical transceivers The demonstration will show various configurations of multiple servers connected via 2-port SFP28 & QSFP28 ConnectX-4 server adapters to our 16 and 48 port Top-of-Rack See live demonstrations of: Optical Transceivers,Active Optical Cables (AOCs),DAC Copper Cable, 2-port Network Adapter Cards, Switching Systems, Interoperability Demonstrations, WDM4 Demonstration.