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Exhibit Profile

- Exhibit Profile

  • Optical Communications System EquipmentFiber Transmission, Access Devices (Fiber Access Devices, Integrated Access Devices), Multi-service Platforms, Multiplex Equipments, Optical Terminals (PDH Terminals, Optical Telephones, Multi-Function Terminals), Transceivers, Interface Converters, Protocol Converters, Mode Converters, Optical Fiber Moderns, Network Adaptors, Fiber Channels; Video Optical Terminals; Twist Pairs and Security Cables.

  • Optical Fibers & Cables: Optical Wand, Optical Fiber, Optical Cable, Jumper, Panel, Distributing Cabinet, Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, Fiber Optic Polisher.

  • Optical Communications Components (Active & Passive Components)Laser, Detector, Amplifier, Repeater, Connector, Optical Switch, OADM, Waveguide device, Optical Transceiver Module, Wave Division Multiplexing Device, Attenuator, Wave Filter, Coupler, Separator, Wavelength Converter, Grating Devices, Optical Circulator, Fiber Array, PLC Splitter Module, Optical Crystal, Integrated Optical Devices, etc.

  • Fiber Lasers & Fiber Sensors and Application: Fiber Lasers, Fiber Sensors, Fiber Bragg Grating, Laser Source.

  • Optical Communications Test & Measurement Equipment: Optical Time Domain Reflector, Optical Power Meter, Light Source, Optical Loss Test Set, Bit Error Rate Tester, Spectrum Analyzer, Channel Analyzer, Fiber Optic Test Instrument, etc.

  • Optical Communications Accessory Products: Patch Panel, Wiring Board, Media Converter, Converter, Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, Fiber Optic Polishing Machine, Cable Joint Box; Insert Core; Sleeve, Spare Parts; Plastic Optical Fiber; Photonic Integrated Circuit.

  • Mobile Internet & Telecommunications Equipment, Cloud Computing & Mobile Applications, Intelligent Terminal Power Source and Solutions